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The Empowered Spirituality Podcast

Welcome to the Empowered Spirituality Podcast! Join the host, Samantha Nagel (she/her), a certified integrative nutrition health coach, poet, witch, and work-in-progress for grounding meditations, inspiring interviews, and reflections about spirituality, holistic health, and the world around us. Join in every week as we explore what empowered spirituality means in today's world.

How to Manifest Using the Law of Attraction ft. Alea Lovely
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"Samantha provides a respite from the noise of daily life with informative interviews and soothing meditations. She delves into rarely-heard-of metaphysical topics such as restorative justice. Also, her voice is made for meditation; it brings me to a deep state of calm. Samantha is a soulful healer and guide for all of us."

- JLC444