Break Up With Your Phone

I spend too much time on my phone.

How much time do you spend on your phone? Most cell phones have a place where you can see your screen time. What is your average daily screen time usage? According to eMarketer, the average US adult spends 3 hours and 43 minutes on their mobile devices. However, RescueTime showed that the top 20% of phone users spent over 4.5 hours per day. Additionally, most people pick up their phones 58 times per day.

This isn’t to shame you! These statistics show that we are not alone in our screen addiction. In fact, our screens were MADE to be addictive. Social media is even more made to be addictive. Which is coincidentally where you’re reading this now!

There are different beliefs about how many lives we live. But for the sake of this, we know that we have this life. Do you really want to spend this life on your phone so much?

Do I want to spend so much of my life on my phone so much??

The answer… no.

My goals, my desires, my life dreams do not hinge around my cell phone. Yet I lug this thing everywhere, let it disconnect me from real people, check social media and email more than necessary. I let it hold me back. Willingly.

So, I will be using this upcoming moon cycle to set an intention, one I’ll invite you to join me in.

I intend to be more present. To live a life that is real, not on my phone.

I will set boundaries with my phone.

I will let my loved ones know that I may not respond right away.

I will let emails be responded to a couple of times a day, versus all day.

I will let DMs sit patiently.

I will sit in real silence without grabbing my phone.

I will read books instead of scrolling mindlessly.

I will have real conversations without keeping one eye on my device.

I will enjoy things more mindfully, without multitasking.

I will sit with boredom and let creativity inspire me.

I will focus on forgotten activities that bring me joy.

I will make eye contact with strangers at the park.

Will you join me?

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