Detox with Tumeric

Turmeric is great for digestion, detoxification, immune support, and energy!

Though turmeric is commonly known as a spice, it is also a powerful herb with many health benefits. While turmeric is known as a blood purifier, it does its unique heavy-lifting by supporting the function of the liver through better blood flow and bile production. When the liver is functioning optimally, the process of detoxification happens more easily and other parts of the body are less-burdened in their normal functions.

Turmeric is truly a potent herb because it can remove ama (toxins) that can negatively impact the body, including the immune system, vitality, and energy. Turmeric helps lighten the workload of the liver, nourish the heart, support comfortable movement of the joints, and strengthen digestion.

You can simply add this spice to your cooking, throw it in your tea, or even make it into a latte! One of my favorite ways to do this is to use this Turmeric Milk Mix from Banyan Botanicals! What I love about this blend is that it also has Ashwagandha as well as other great warming spices to improve digestion!

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