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Finding Our Shadows

“The shadow hides in the places where we feel angry or upset about what we are noticing.”

This is a quote from Rebecca Farrar, MA during our conversation in this week’s episode.

As I said in the episode, this has been something I am learning again and again. And maybe something we are all being exposed to? Right now we are facing a lot of divisions in many ways. I am 100% guilty of using a separation mindset over a love and collective mindset at times, particularly in the last year and a half.

This quote came from Rebecca as we discussed the text Women Who Run With Wolves. Rebecca was saying that she would read those myths with clients and see where people had resistance, to use that as a clue to what they needed to work on, as to where the shadow was showing up.

I really relate to this in the sense that, when I have judgment, it is either a judgment for myself and/or a way that my fear (or as my friend Heather would say, False Evidence Appearing Real) is coming up.

Rebecca mentioned that when we have a really strong reaction within ourselves when reading a story, listening to the news, engaging with someone else, that, especially according to depth and Jungian psychology, we are really reacting to what we are rejecting within ourselves.

How does this resonate with you? I know I appreciate the reminder because it’s an invitation to reflect on my thoughts and actions. Carl Jung and Jungian practitioners often reiterate that the shadow is not bad! We need a shadow. The point isn’t to shame the shadow, but shed loving light. As we know from our shame researching queen, shame grows in the dark but not in the light.


Make sure you go check out my interview with Rebecca on the Empowered Spirituality Podcast, wherever you listen to your podcasts! And make sure to check out Rebecca's website,