Learning to Trust | A Poem to My Lover


Samantha Nagel


Your body is my love language

I know how to speak in its curves

It’s dips it’s crevices

I know how to touch it to make your tears stop falling,

How to hold your hand and feel your pulse slow underneath my fingers.

Your body is what I listen to

When I can’t sleep at night,

Restless with the sounds of my brain,




The ocean waves of your breath like a whisper,

The warmth of your chest that fills our sheets and makes my skin hot,

The vibration of your thigh against mine.

Your body is the language of mine,

Teaching me when to gasp,

When to be still,

When to surrender.

Your body is my love language,

A poet that creates stanzas in coded lines,

Messages that feel like telepathy

Letting me know you’re still here.

Your body is my book, my novel, written by my favorite author

I keep my reading lamp on at night, pouring over chapter after chapter,

Not wanting to put it down,

Your skin the beautiful pages,

Your mouth the printed words,

A story I hope never ends.

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