Raise Your Vibration & Gain Emotional Intelligence

I want to share a tool that I use in my coaching sessions as well as in my personal life! It is called the Emotional Scale. The Emotional Scale is a tool by Abraham Hicks that gives us guidance on how to raise our vibration. "The emotional scale is a list of commonly felt emotions ranging from joy, appreciation, freedom, love and empowerment (the highest) to fear, despair, desperation, grief, and powerlessness (the lowest)," Gabby Bernstein describes it.

It is often challenging and maybe not even attainable to move from fear to love, or even from anger to optimism. But moving from anger to blame is still raising your vibration. This is a tool I often use, and used this week! I was feeling grief and powerlessness over a personal situation that happened this week. I naturally moved to a state of guilt and insecurity. It did not feel good necessarily, but I noticed it felt lighter than the heavy feeling of grief. I looked at my scale, which I keep on my desk, laminated and ready for use, and decided that if I could end the day feeling angry, then I would have raised my vibration enough to feel a bit better and receive healing.

Like I said, I love to use this in my coaching sessions! I will pull up the scale on my browser and share my screen. Then, I ask where the client feels they are on the scale. I do not want to force the client into a state of love/joy, because that wouldn't really serve anyone. Instead, I intend for them to feel the feeling just one notch above. If a client is feeling overwhelmed, we set the intention to instead feel frustration or irritation.

The practice of intending to just feel a little better, one feeling at a time, is a huge step! Like I said, shifting to feelings of joy and love when we feel awful is not always attainable. When we give ourselves space to just feel a tiny step better, we give ourselves the gift of emotional maturity, nuance, and intuition!

Where are you on the scale, and how can you move up just one notch?

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