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Reclaiming "PMS"

I have been embarking on the journey of syncing up with my menstrual cycle 🩸 I am in my luteal phase, entering the second week, and I felt it yesterday. The first half of the day was calm and organized, but then in the second half, I noticed big waves of emotions being stirred by very small things. As the day went on, I began to feel overwhelming currents of sadness and anger and grief. Eventually, my sniffles turned to sobs. It started as I watched a rom com, and as it was a cheesy cliché movie, I knew it was more than just the movie making me cry. I closed my laptop and I just sobbed.

As the tears eventually started to trickle off, I realized 💡 oh! It’s the later luteal phase saying hello.

I almost shrugged my emotions off upon this realization! As if, because the sobbing and emotions were induced by my hormones, it meant that they were less valid?

I gave myself a moment of compassion, made some delicious Holy Basil tea, and drew a beautiful bubble bath. ❤️ As I soaked in the candlelight, I placed one hand on my heart and the other on my belly. Here is what I told myself:

✨ I am safe. I am having big feelings, partially due to the hormones in my body fluctuating, but also these are feelings that needed to be felt. These feelings are valid. The big response may be due to my cycle, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not “PMSing,” I’m allowing the current of my body to bring up feelings that have been stored for me to feel. Now I am able to move into a new cycle knowing that I have made space for new sensations and have released something that is no longer serving me. I will let myself weep and sleep and cry and rest, because i understand that this is productive for me. ✨

This message isn’t just for folks who bleed! I wanted to share because we have so many ways to shrug off big feelings, always willing to invalidate our emotions! This week, I’ll invite you to hold space for yourself - no matter what comes up.❤️ It’s okay to have negative feelings!

Some amazing resources to learn about this are… @ellensgilbert and @jamiebotteon free to flow retreat 😊 @sea_of_qi_healing who was on the podcast recently, and Maisie Hill’s Period Power 📖