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Release, Don't Just Think | The Importance of Energy Work

An important lesson I learned from my therapist is that some things cannot be processed mentally. Recently, I’ve been struggling with past issues that show up as boulders outside the door. If I let the door open, I’ll be crushed. If I keep the door closed, the weight will eventually cave in on me. I have to deal with it somehow. I tried chiseling off pieces, but the chunks I took inside didn’t make sense.

Then, I remembered the importance of energy. My dear friend reminded me that I needed to release in order to make room for more. I realized this work had to be done mainly on an energetic level.

As kismet as could be, the wind picked up and the trees started shaking. A storm was coming. I planted my feet in the grass and danced. I let the energy of the earth move my breath, syncing up to the wild energy of fire, earth, wind, and water. I went back and grabbed my journal and wrote about what I wanted to release. And then, suddenly, the rain came, and it poured. I put my feet in the dirt and imagined the rain cleansing me, imagined that boulder melting. I started to cry. I felt cleansed and chaotic and magical. Then, I began to laugh. Laugh like I saw romantic comedy characters do - but this time, I was my love interest giggling in the rain. Soon, I started to dance! In my head, I sang Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Friends… sometimes you need to release and turn to something outside yourselves for healing. ❤