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Taking Care of the Body = Taking Care of the Soul

This last new moon cycle was to take care of my body. To focus on my cycle more and lean in to my phase, even if it was inconvenient for others. To prioritize myself.

This month, I didn’t feel as “spiritual” as other months. I felt grounded and connected for sure! But not necessarily spiritual, really. I lived into where I was every day a more. I focused a bit more on routine than ritual,

I realized mid lunar cycle that perhaps that IS part of my purpose.

I believe part of my purpose is to inspire, empower, and help heal others. But it clicked to me that another part of my purpose is to just heal ME and take care of ME.

By setting boundaries, resting, saying no, practicing self-care, being more authentic, I am doing something radical! Many of my female ancestors did not have that opportunity available to them! By doing so now, I’m going against what is expected of me societally, and isn’t that a big deal?

As Marlee Liss said on an episode of Empowered Spirituality, the ripples of our own healing reach others. My healing and working on myself does indeed help heal others. I would go so far as to say it’s a tiny act of rebellion!

This new moon, I had a deeply spiritual experience. I channeled more intensely than before. I felt connected in a way I don’t normally.

I listened to episode 83 of the podcast Spiritual Shit, and they shared that the body must be taken care of in order to house new vibrations. That made this month’s journey click for me! The part of my body that is showing some signs and asking for care is the same part of my body that holds fear and needs security.

It is ALL connected, my friends!

Taking care of the body IS taking care of the soul. Taking care of the emotions will take care of the body. So on and so forth.

That is why holistic health is part of my calling!

That is why caring for yourself as a whole person is so helpful!

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