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The Coyote | A Poem About Spirit

The Coyote

After “The Day Lady Died” by Frank O’Hara

By Samantha Nagel

I sit across from the coyote in a field where the red bridge is the only thing between us and I sob and I wonder and I know that this will be the moment I will always look back on for what is a coyote if not a catalyst and what is a catalyst if not for the way your heart feels when you can remember the before and the after splitting your memory with a sweet soft line, the kind of line that you sink your teeth into or maybe it’s not a line maybe it’s a rio grande, a big river that swallows you whole that you aren’t afraid to bleed into the kind of river where you enter as a rabbit and emerge as a lion and maybe it’s the moment where I look in the mirror and see myself instead of everyone else.