To Know Yourself Deeply - Finding Community

Recently, I had feelings of loneliness as I am navigating the journey of cyclical living and being in tune with my body. This body also has experienced a lot of things that have disrupted the nervous system, meaning I can become overstimulated and experience anxiety or start time experience low energy and depression, at times.

I kept thinking, “I am not normal. There is something wrong with me.”

And then, I thought about my dog Norah, my sweet furry teacher! She is afraid of ceiling fans. No training, treats, or tactic has worked to make her unafraid of the fans. Eventually, we just bought standing fans. No one is mad at Norah for being afraid of something. No one blames her - in fact, we understand and assume it has to do with trauma she experienced before we rescued her.

I am not afraid of fans per se, but when I experience the same overwhelming physical reactions, don’t I deserve as much understanding as my pup??

The more I sat with this, the more I realized how not only was there nothing wrong with me… I am going against the norm in a beautiful way! ✨ By having the courage to not only tune in to my body but also listen and value what it’s telling me, I am doing a radical act! I am defying the patriarchy, capitalism, and societal expectations! 💖

I reached out to a friend who I thought would understand and she indeed gave me such great validation and insight. She said that we start to make friends who are similar to us in these ways, who we can say “hey this type of event makes me anxious” or “I actually want to stay home and do my full moon ritual” or “I’m in my luteal phase, so I’m staying in to preserve my energy.”

She also reminded me that saying these things and listening to our bodies is an act of setting ✨boundaries✨! And yes, she validated, sometimes these boundaries seem weird to people. People may not understand these boundaries. Without judgment, of course, we can remind ourselves that perhaps they just are not on the same path of living as we are, so that is why they do not understand - not because there is something wrong with us! 💕

Yes, this path can be lonely. But also, it doesn’t have to be, and it probably won’t be for long! ✨ Where is your life can you find community? For me, I find community in yoga classrooms, in training, in my full moon Meet Up group, in the weekly meditation circle. Where can you find yours?

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