Turning Judgment & Separation into Love

For a self-proclaimed open-minded person, I sure have a lot of judgement!

Anyone else?

I hold judgement in my heart about things that go against my values and beliefs.

And guess what? We need not eradicate that judgement! That judgement is simply there as part of my ego. And that part of the ego, the part that identifies with my values and beliefs is healthy and good!

However, when my judgment gets to the point of rumination, projection, separateness, attack thoughts on others… That is when the ego is acting in a way that isn’t healthy.

One of my values is love and community. When I have thoughts of separation, I am not having thoughts of love or community. I have thoughts that go against the core of whom I want to be.

I have struggled with this concept for much of 2020 and this year too. And this is where duality comes in.

Duality is probably the answer to anything you are mentally struggling with! We humans tend to exist in a very black and white thought process. It is either good or bad.

As I sat with these feelings of separation, I tried to be close myself off from feelings of anger. If I could just stop being mad, I would be okay!

But no.

The key here is to not numb my very valid and authentic emotional response! It is to hold space for more than one thing. I can feel angry for this right being taken away. And! I can also choose to direct that anger in a helpful place. I can have anger for the actions of people that caused this to happen, AND I can still think that the people who did this are inherently good people worthy of love and compassion. I can passionately disagree with a group of people AND still, hold them in love and respect. There are a lot of things that scare me, that anger me, that I disagree with, and that’s because I’m a beautiful, fiery and passionate soul!! I love that part of me, that wild girl who wants to start trouble and fight back. She’s the best. She’s the part of me that was forced to be quiet by the patriarchy! I embrace her fire and spark. But I also am connected to the wise, older part of my soul. The part that is tuned in to love for all beings and peace.

Sending you love, no matter what you believe.

Listen to my solo podcast episode where I dove in to these lessons more deeply!

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