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You Are Enough, Even As You Heal

Today and yesterday, I’ve been thinking of the importance of true rest ✨ As many folks with PTSD, I often forget about the importance of light heartedness. Recently, I’ve been struggling with some elevated levels of anxiety and depression.

As I’ve shared before, I can often approach my own healing with a sense of perfectionism, planning, and intensity. When I approach my mental health healing journey, I don’t approach it as a journey - I look at it as a problem to be solved. More specifically, a problem that should be solved perfectly and as quickly as possible. Why?

First, because, well I don’t enjoy anxiety or depression! I don’t enjoy PTSD. I often just want to get “better.”

But second, and maybe more importantly, I don’t value myself as much if I’m not “better.” I begin to fear that there’s something wrong with me, that I’m inherently unlovable, that *I* am the problem that needs to be solved.

Am I though?

If I am truly here to have the human experience, does that not mean that I’m here to experience the “bad” with the “good”? Or even, is there even such a thing as good or bad?

The heavy thoughts that I carry along with me all day, with the hopes of figuring them out and being healed, are not making me stronger. They’re making me more fatigued. They’re draining me even more.

What have YOU been carrying around that you could put to the side for even just an hour?

When we talk about rest, it doesn’t just mean physical. It can mean mental too!

In fact, I may very likely have even more clarity tomorrow when I wake up because of this mental rest today!

If you find yourself on the healing or integration or growth journey, maybe this can be a reminder that it truly is a j