Guided Healing Services

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Guided Breath & Visualization Healing

Through breathing techniques, guided meditation and visualization, and somatic exercises, we will meet on Zoom for 70 minutes to deepen the connection between the mind, body, heart, and spirit. This session is a great fit for anyone who wants to heal at the subconscious, spiritual, and somatic level, and wants a safe container to do so.

  • $60.00 for one session.

  • $155.00 for three sessions.

A free pre-consultation is included.

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Tarot Reading

This virtual tarot and oracle session opens with a guided meditation/visualization. I will pull anywhere from 3 - 6 cards initially, with up to 2 clarifiers. Through the cards that are pulled for you, I will offer my own intuitive guidance, as well as coaching throughout the session. The session includes post-call notes, any further guidance if any comes through, and a photo of your cards. I will also record the session if you would like to share with you after.

  • $50.00




"...[Samantha's] custom guided meditations are so grounding; I've never felt so at ease and relaxed from a meditation so quickly! She has such a vast pool of knowledge and works cooperatively with you to meet you where you are. Her work is truly empowering!..."

"Sam not only is incredibly respectful of personal boundaries and well-versed in how to lead meditations in a profound and comfortable way, but she also had a wonderful ability to understand exactly what I was trying to communicate..."



"It is rare to find a group where you feel both supported and invigorated, however Samantha Nagel's meditation sessions are exactly that. I find myself looking forward to the weekly meetings, particularly the safe-space Samantha has created. It is a space that is perfect for those looking to begin their mediation and spirituality journey, as well as more seasoned individuals who are seeking a continuation and deeper exploration in their practice. For those of you who are on the fence or unsure if you would enjoy meditation, my biggest recommendation is come and try it once. Samantha is the perfect guide and you won't regret it."

"Samantha has a great structure for her meditation sessions with thoughtful journaling prompts and guided meditation that bring a sense of inner peace. The sessions are incredibly welcoming and open-minded towards those of different backgrounds, cultures, and spiritual practices. Attending these sessions has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the thoughts and emotions that I have difficulty navigating. Often her words help me find new and creative solutions to problems I encounter. Overall such a wonderful safe space."



Samantha is a gem! I really love her energy. She’s incredibly calming and created such a comfortable vibe for our [tarot] session!